Laura is an award winning podcaster, advocate, campaigner and analyst and has received some of the highest accolades in policing for her leadership and work with victims and homicide prevention.

Laura and the Real Crime Profile team have won a Cynopsis Award and two Shorty Awards for their forensic deconstruction of the multi-award winning true crime show ‘Escape At Dannemora’ directed by Ben Stiller starring Patricia Arquette, Benecio Del Toro and Paul Dano.

Marie Claire, Selected as one of the top ten Women in Business at the ‘Women at the Top’ Awards, 01/10/14

Laura was honoured to be selected as one of the UKs most inspirational game changers by at Marie Claire’s ‘Women at the Top’ awards.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust ‘Taking Stalking Seriously Award’, 14/11/12

Laura received this award for the work undertaken on the Parliamentary Stalking Law Reform Campaign and raising awareness about stalking.

Charity Times Campaigning Team of the Year Award 18/10/12

Laura received this award for her work with Harry Fletcher on the hugely successful Stalking Law Reform Campaign.

Dod’s Charity Champions Award -National Charity of the Year 27/06/12

Laura received the award on behalf of the charity Protection Against Stalking in recognition for the work on the Pariliamentary Stalking Law Reform Campaign.

Commissioner’s Commendation, Sir Ian Blair, 7/09/05

For dedication, foresight and tenacity and leadership in ground breaking research and analysis of a high data cases, designing and development of the MPS SPECSS+ (DASH) domestic violence risk assessment model and in presenting her findings in the domestic murder review project within MPS and nationally .

Head of Homicide Investigations Commendation, Commander Baker, 07/01/05

For dedication and commitment in the extensive research and analysis on homicides and serious violence where mental health features. For continued support to the Specialist Crime Directorate lead, Commander Baker, in supporting the MPS and inter-agency requirements on mental health .

Head of Homicide Investigations Commendation Commander Baker, 07/01/05

Dedication and commitment in the extensive research and analysis on ” Honour Killings”, Honour based Violence and Honour related Violence, which is leading to a strategy to inform inter-agencies to meeting demands of this complex issue. Additionally for work on the International Conference on HBV.

Commissioner Sir Ian Blair s Letter, 17/02/05

I am aware that our success in this area (SPECSS+ (DASH) model and the reduction in domestic violence homicide) is, in large part, down to your extremely detailed and dedicated research, data analysis and evaluation. I therefore did not wish to let the opportunity pass to thank you and the other unsung heroes in the Homicide Prevention Unit for your endeavours .

Certificate of excellence from the 9th British Diversity Awards, 2003

The Met Police has been commended in the innovation and awareness Category for its Understanding and Responding to Hate Crime project which emphasises its efforts to promote inclusion within its service.

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