Day 6 of Harvey Weinstein Trial

Whilst Hollywood has been abuzz with the Critic Choice Awards yesterday and the Oscar nominations this morning, Harvey Weinstein was back in court for day 6 of his trial, although somewhat later than usual at around 0920am.

Throughout last week Harvey Weinstein’s legal team requested delay after delay and on Friday to ban journalists from watching jury screening – which was also denied by Judge Burke.

Jury screening continued today and Gigi Hadid, supermodel, former Vogue cover girl and Instagram influencer was summonsed for jury service. When questioned Gigi said she had met Harvey Weinstein but that she “was able to keep an open mind on the facts of the case.”

Hadid was among 35 potential jurors who were asked to fill out a jury questionnaire and return to court on Thursday.

Judge Burke also warned  potential jurors about posting on social media. He said that a few potential jurors went on social media and posted about prospective jury service and may be held in contempt of court and face serious consequences up to and including 30 days in jail and a fine, as a result. He warned those in court today, not to do so.

And so to the defence strategy – what I am calling their ‘D-Game’ – namely their attempts to:

  1. Delay;
  2. Deny;
  3. Discredit;
  4. Derail, and;
  5. Distract.

As with most of the above tactics, number 5, the distract tactic, is multi-faceted. Thus far we have seen one prong, what I am calling, the #PoorMeSyndrome #PMS in full swing. In my experience, #PMS normally happens at the point accountability, and the defence go all out to engender sympathy from the Judge and the jury, with the aim that they see the defendant as a non-threat. Hence, we’ve watched as Harvey Weinstein hunches and shuffles over his zimmer clad with yellow tennis balls (nice touch!), which makes him look smaller than his 6 foot stature as well as somewhat vulnerable, the there’s the ill fitting suits and the unkempt hair. It’s Oscar worthy.

I also believe that Donna Rotunno will try and flip the script and turn the case completely on it’s head by painting Harvey Weinstein as the victim in this case, to further distract us. How will she attempt to do that, I hear you ask? Well, I believe that she will say that the sex acts were consensual and she’ll attempt to paint the victim’s as liars, discredit their accounts by poking holes in them and their narratives. She will say that it was, in fact, the women who targeted and exploited Harvey Weinstein and attempt to paint the women as wicked, calculating and manipulative and that Harvey Weinstein was the victim of a co-ordinated attack of sister’s in arms against him for personal and professional gain. I believe she’ll go as far as to accuse the #MeToo movement of being the second protagonist.

With just weeks away from the opening statements, January 22 2020, all will be revealed. For the previous days coverage, click here.

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