Coercive Control Law Reform USA

Domestic Violence And Coercive Control Law Reform in the USA

We are campaigning for domestic violence laws to be strengthened and modernised in the USA to reflect the reality of domestic abuse in all its guises and better protect women and girls. We are a group of survivors, campaigners, activists and experts. We know this will save lives and money.

Prior to the pioneering coercive control law in England and Wales, only 3 out of every 100 men reported for domestic violence were convicted and almost none were jailed (Fontes and Stark 2017). Abusers reported for 50 or more offences were no more likely to be punished than those who committed a single offence (Fontes and Stark 2017).

The same injustices occur in the USA with the same victims and perpetrators repeatedly reporting to Police and other front-line professionals.

Many blame the victims for “staying” rather than focusing on the abuser and their abusive behaviour. Most wait for an assault with clear evidence before acting and the police and court system continue to trivialise and minimise the abuse.


Despite all the resources allocated to domestic violence, most professionals do not understand coercive control and as a consequence US victims and their children remain unsafe and at risk because their abusive partners are not held accountable.

Coercive control correlates significantly with serious harm and femicide.


Between 2000-2006, 3200 American soldiers were killed in combat. During that same period, more than three times as many women died at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends (Rachel Louise Snyder 2019)

  • A woman is murdered every 16 hours in the US by a current or former partner.
  • Some of the most dangerous cases happen when domestic violence, stalking and coercive control co-occur.
  • These ‘murders in slow motion’ are preventable. Early identification and intervention is vital to saving lives and saving money.


How you can help?

  1. Please take two minutes to SIGN the petition and SHARE it with your networks
  2. WRITE to your senator and ask them to support Senator Kevin Parker’s coercive control bill S5306 in New York
  3. WRITE to your senator and ask them to support Senator Susan Rubio’s coercive control bill SB1141 in California
  4. WRITE to your senator and ask them to support Senator Alex Kasser’s coercive control bill SB1060 in Conneticut
  5. If you are a victim or survivor of domestic abuse in the USA, please take two minutes to click the link and COMPLETE this important anonymous survey

Thank you!