Top 10 Poor Me Syndrome Perpetrators

Throughout my career I have identified, linked and profiled patterned crimes, behaviour and perpetrators. I have clocked one particular phenomenon, which I call Poor Me Syndrome.  Symptoms only appear to be visible at the point of accountability i.e. when a man has been called out for his abusive behaviour and becomes a defendant at a major trial, where the consequences are grave because the crimes that they stand (or sit) accused of are crimes of serious violence and abuse against multiple victims.

The symptoms appear to be more acute at the start of a trial.

Here’s my top 10:

#1 He calls a journalist to his hospital room on the eve of his trial, painting himself as an advocate for women and “The Forgotten Man.” He then turns up to court hunched over a walking frame (incorrectly) complete with neon tennis balls. And the Oscar goes to….Harvey Weinstein.

#2 Talking of Oscar, he loudly dry wretched into a bin whilst the crime scene and the victim, Reeva Steenkamp, were being discussed and proceeded to remove his legs in court. The day before sentencing, he had his photo taken surrounded by scores of children and posted all over the media. Coming a close second to Harvey Weinstein, I give you, Emmy nominated Oscar Pistorius.

#3 Less than one month before jury selection, holding a cane, being held up by two aids and sporting a grandad cardi, fresh from completing a big tour just months before, it’s Bill Cosby.

#4 Losing the ability to walk, and dress apparently, looking pale and pyjama clad, held up by two burly men, wearing sunglasses and being protected from the glare of the sun, he gingerly makes his way to court…The one and only, Michael Jackson.

#5 Looking, old, frail, gaunt and weak he was wheeled into court, former police officer, Joseph DeAngelo.

#6 Frail, old and rolling into court, the now deceased serial killer, Edward Edwards.

#7 He tells Gayle King he is “tired of the lies” and people victimising him, he jumps to his feet shouting, yelling and balling, just inches from Gayle, “I just want to see my children.” Days later he was taken into custody for failure to pay child support, not having seen his children for years due to a protective order, it’s Robert Kelly.

#8 He was rolled in and out of court, looking vulnerable and thin from weight loss. He purposefully wore a lilac pastel jumper at each trial to appeal to female jurors and garner sympathy and look a non-threat, yet jumped to his feet screaming the odds at Chelmsford Crown Court when his previous convictions for murder were read out in court, momentarily forgetting that he could not walk or stand, it’s serial killer Peter Tobin.

#9 He said he had cancer and presented with a cane in court, it’s Dirty John, serial perpetrator and stalker, John Meehan

#10 Being helped on his way to and from court, claiming he was suffering from diabetes and a bout of “It wasn’t me, you got the wrong guy. I’m the victim” it’s serial abuser and paedophile Rolf Harris.

The take away – abusing women, girls and boys is bad for your health. It leads to an inability to walk, dress, and see as well as heavy bouts of unsightly temper tantrums and false claims of victimhood.

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