The Court Heard Further Evidence of Harvey Weinstein’s Deformed Genitals

The court heard further evidence of Harvey Weinstein’s deformed genitals when the final victim, Lauren Young, testified against Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday.

Lauren graphically described how Weinstein lured her into a hotel bathroom, grabbed her breast and masturbated in front of her when she was trapped in the bathroom.

Lauren said that she was invited by Claudia Salinas, a Mexican model and dancer whom she had met a year earlier at an Oscar party with Harvey Weinstein, to meet Weinstein at the Montage Hotel on February 19, 2013 to discuss one of her scripts.

They met in the hotel lobby but Weinstein appeared distracted, she said. He told them both that he needed to get ready for an evening event honouring Quentin Tarantino. He invited them to his hotel room so that they could continue their discussions.

Weinstein told Lauren she should audition for “America’s Next Top Model,” but she said she wasn’t interested in that because she didn’t want to be on a reality show; she wanted to be taken seriously as a script-writer and actress.

Interestingly Weinstein has never had any involvement with “America’s Next Top Model,” though his former company, The Weinstein Company, produced another reality competition show, “Project Runway.”

Lauren said they went up to the hotel suite, she was led into the bathroom, and that Salinas then shut the door behind her.

The court heard vivid and graphic testimony from the final “prior bad acts” Molineux victim, the last of three, whose allegation is also the subject of a separate criminal charge in Los Angeles, which was filed earlier this month.

Lauren told the court Weinstein took his clothes off, the quickest she had seen anyone undress. He pulled her dress down exposing her breasts and groped her breast whilst masturbating and tried to grab her vagina.

She said,

“I said ‘no, no, no’, the whole time; that I had a boyfriend; that I wasn’t interested. He’s carrying on with conversation, ‘This is what all actresses do, to make it’.

Lauren said he pinched her nipple hard and did not let go of her breast until he ejaculated into towel that he threw onto the floor.

Under questioning from Assistant District Attorney Meghan Hast, Lauren was asked to describe Weinstein’s naked body.

“I remember his body was hairy, he had some rolls, and he had a disgusting looking penis,” she said, saying his penis appeared to be scarred, and his testicles were not intact. “Something didn’t look normal,” she said.

The court heard further evidence of Harvey Weinstein’s deformed genitals. Naked pictures of Weinstein were entered into evidence and handed to the jury on Tuesday.

In a dramatic move Damon Cheronis, Weinstein’s lawyer, produced the white dress she was wearing at the time. He asked how she had come to discover the dress only three days ago. Lauren answered  she found it in a box of clothes she had left behind in LA after a house move.

The court heard in earlier legal argument that LA prosecutors intend to test the garment for DNA that may or may not tie it to Weinstein.

My Two Cents: Yet another brave woman’s harrowing account of being lured into Weinstein’s hotel room, being sexually assaulted by him whilst being told by him ‘it’s what all actresses do to make it.’

Telling her ‘it’s what all actresses do’ is a common theme throughout every woman’s testimony and that’s no coincidence.  It’s as important as the description of the sexual assault itself, and is further evidence of Weinstein’s well practiced modus operandi.

It is an attempt by Weinstein to trivialise and normalise the sexual violence. It’s like Bill Cosby openly joking about rape and putting drugs in a woman’s drink or Jeffrey Epstein’s graphic pictures of naked young girls in his hallway.

It’s what prolific, serial perpetrators do. It may be normal to them, but make no mistake, it is a gross violation of the victim in every way and it is a crime.

And the court heard yet again about Weinstein’s deformed penis and genitals.

Weinstein’s genitals are now an evidentiary factor in the case and quite rightly so.  I believe his deformed genitals and small penis syndrome play a part in his insatiable appetite and desire to dominate and control women and reduce them to sex objects for his own gratification.

And Damon Cheronis shame on you for holding up the victim’s dress in court for dramatic affect. Firstly, it doesn’t matter what she was wearing. You are just playing into another rape myth. Secondly, if the dress is entered into evidence in the LA case, you have just handled prima facie evidence and contaminated it. Well done you.

The case continues.

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