The Brutal Killing of Karen Ristevski by Borce Ristevski

The brutal killing of Karen Ristevski by Borce Ristevski is utterly horrific. Another woman brutally murdered and it’s been made even worse, if that it is even possible, that the person who killed her was her husband, Borce Ristevski, of 27 years. He was the man who was supposed to love her, care for her and cherish her.

Ristevski killed Karen and then cooly disposed of her body, her phone, handbag and wallet. These items have never been found — wiping her off the face of the earth.

He allowed their daughter, Sarah, to believe that her mum had just left of her own accord and deserted her.  And if that is not bad enough, he carried Karen’s coffin at her funeral, playing the part of the grieving husband.

He pled guilty to manslaughter at the eleventh hour to avoid a murder trial. Their daughter, Sarah, refused to give an impact statement about her mother being killed. Instead, she chose to give a character reference for her father.

On April 18 2019 Ristevski was sentenced to nine years, six before he is eligible for parole after he admitted killing his wife in June 2016.

Ristevski showed no remorse. He did not reveal how or why he did it. He lied to continuously to his daughter, Karen’s family and the police.

It makes no sense that Ristevski’s sentence is less than that of Joesph Esmaili, who was jailed for ten years for killing heart surgeon Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann in a one-punch attack outside Melbourne’s The Alfred Hospital.

My Two cents: This should have been a murder charge. However, it was downgraded to manslaughter.  Manslaughter carries a maximum of 20 years. If a one-punch offender receives 10 years, to serve 10 before he is eligible for parole, how can the brutal killing of Karen (Ristevski) carry nine years, eligible for parole in six?

What sort of message does that send out to society about the worth of a woman’s life? What about her standing in the community? What about the message to young boys and girls?

This is outrageous and must be challenged. Here’s how you can help. You can write the the Attorney General and ask for his unduly lenient sentence to be appealed. Click here for my template letter


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