Top 10 Poor Me Syndrome Tactics, the Signs and Symptoms

Poor Me Syndrome

Here’s My Top 10 Poor Me Syndrome Tactics, the Signs and Symptoms ahead of the opening statements tomorrow at Harvey Weinstein’s long awaited trial.

It’s important to note that Poor Me Syndrome appears to be highly contagious at the point of accountability and symptoms may only be visible at the point of trial.

Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Sporadic, loud and unsightly outbursts of awkward sobbing to the tune of  “I’m the victim” “Everyone’s ganging up on me”  “Everyone is out to get me” “I lost my job” “I’ve lost everything” “She made me do it” “I’m having such a tough time of it all” ‘You have to understand that I’m fighting for my life here” “These are my darkest hours”;
  2. Dishevelled appearance, unkempt hair, unshaven, gaunt, grey, weight loss, ill fitting clothes, general aura of fragility and powerlessness and sentiment “I really am a non-threat and could not possibly have done that which I stand (or sit) accused of’;
  3. Having the chops to call your own press conference and approach the media for eleventh hour interviews right before trial claiming it’s all a big misunderstanding, you’ve been misrepresented, mischaracterised and/or forgotten and that you are in fact the victim;
  4. Inability to walk or see often characterised by being physically held up by other people, the use of aides such as a walking frame, a wheelchair or a large cane;
  5. Being taken unwell, normally in dramatic fashion including the sudden onset of fainting, passing out, heavy breathing or dry wretching in court;
  6. Claims of an illness, such as cancer or diabetes, usually false;
  7. Claims of a bereavement, again, usually false;
  8. Claims of a terrible childhood and/or being abused as a child, flipping the script to ‘me, myself and I’ and harking back to the fact, that you are indeed, the victim;
  9. The sudden onset of a disorder, memory loss, suicidal ideation, balling “I am better off dead” “It’s all too much” “I cannot go on” tempered with extreme arrogance – that you are, in fact, still the victim in all of this;
  10. Strategic flashes of enlightenment, and even redemption, at critical moments including “I’ve had a period of self-reflection and contemplation” “I’ve found a spiritual connection I never had” “I’ve been on a change programme” “I’ve experienced the power of feeling vulnerable” “I’m a changed man” “I’ve found God.”

Please note, this list is not exhaustive and whilst a number of Poor Me Syndrome tactics and symptoms may be present in any one case, all ten symptoms oftentimes present in many.

Poor Me Syndrome symptoms may be alleviated by further extended periods of quiet reflection in a solitary space, through the removal of cameras and access to all media and by a long stint of responsibility taking and accountability over many years in a confined space.

That’s My Two Cents: My Top 10 Poor Me Syndrome Tactics, I mean, signs and symptoms to look out for.

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