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Laura was consulting s producer and in screen expert on the two hour documentary Dirty John, The Dirty Truth which is now available on Netflix

Laura has presented as an expert on violence, domestic abuse, stalking, looking at cold cases, launching appeals, speaking to police officers and interviewing families who have lost loved ones through violent assaults.

Appearances include: 60 Minutes Australia, CNN, CBS, Lifetime, Dr Drew, Dr Phil, ITV, BBC, BBC2, BBC NI, Channel 5, Channel 4, Sky, Surviving R Kelly: The Reckoning Part 2, Killer Profile, Countdown to Murder, Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son, Married Single Dead, Inside the Mind of Killer Raoul Moat, Killer in the Family, War on Knives, Lady Killers, Street Crime Live, The One Show, Jack the Ripper Revealed, A Necessary Evil, Cops vs Stalkers.

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth premieres January 14 on Oxygen

Real Crime Profile Podcast

Crime Analyst

Crime Analyst

‘The First Wife: John Meehan’s Reign of Terror

The First Wife

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